No. 2

The Greatest Depression Ever!!!
The Robert Cenedella 2009 Class Show at The Art Students League of New York
March 23 – 27, 2009

Featuring the work of Alfred Hess, Anastasia Avrutsky, Andres Young, Anita Jack, Antonia Walker, Audrey Wu, Bert Alexandersson, Bob Laurie, Brittany L. Vogel, Carol Lewis, Catriona Herd, Christa Heilweil, Daniella Yakira, Debbie Abenmoha, Deborah Sankey, Ekaterina, Elizabeth Duncombe Nehls, Flora Jacobson, Frances Young, Fred Mendelsohn, Gil Podorson, Guadalupe Anco, Helen Salpeter, Janel Halpern, Janet Ziff, Jeff Tocci, Joan Tsen, Julie Anne Forgione, Karen Hanna, Kikuko Doi, Lea Mairet, Len Uline, Linda Moses, Lupe Garcia-Penalver, Malang Spengler, Mandevi, Margaret Beels, Mark Leibowitz, Mary Jo Anzel, Miguel Peraza, Nancy Deering, Norbert Waysberg, Renee Fineberg, Ria Rose, Rob Dickerson, Ruth Birdt, Sanae Tsuchiya, Scott Higgins, Shizuko Kimura, Sigalit Biopcik, Susan de Castro, Susan Lawrence, Timothy Eckersley, Wendy Lax and Young Hee Kang

Editor: Scott Higgins
Design & Layout: Jeff Tocci & Sean Riley, Bruised Egos
Editorial Assistant: Ann Quigley
Copy Editor: Julie Forgione
Catalog planning committee: Antonia Walker, Mary Li
Photography by Scottomatic
Additional graphics by T.R. Lundquist
Printed by Network Financial Printing
Consultant: Robert Cenedella

8¼” x 11″ 110 pages, perfect bound. Publication date March 26, 2009.