Welcome to the website of the Robert Cenedella Class show at the Art Students League of New York.

We are a ragtag group of freaks, radicals and artists with an agenda. We aim to leverage print, new media and the internets to broadcast to the largest possible audience our latest drawings, paintings and semi-literate ramblings.

artmutt.org is:
Editor: Scott Higgins
Art Director: Jeff Tocci
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Copy Editor: So Young Hur
Consultant: Robert Cenedella

Contributors (past and present): John Baber, Antoine Dozois, Smokey Glenn, Ben Hecht, Philip S. Hill, So Young Hur, Larissa Padden, Lauren Purge, Richard Root , John Volker, Jerie Choi, Adolfo Smith, Iyala Berley, Sharon Kendrick, Frederick Mendelsohn, Dana Walters, Ruben Dario, Peter Webb, Liz BouRaad, Mary Jo Anzel, T.R. Lundquist, Antonia Walker, Julie Forgione, Catriona Herd, Monica Lynch, Anne Quigley, Serafina Brown, Yuko Ueda, Stephanie Cassidy, Pam Koob.